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If I buy a pack of sessions what are the terms and conditions?

All blocks of 6 or 20 sessions have no time limit for use as we understand that complex cases need extra time and care. Balance is held on account for you. Once purchased you have 30 days for a refund providing treatment is not started. Once sessions have commenced it is at Matrix’s discretion to refund, as careful planning and preparation has gone into mapping out your sessions in your recovery plan.

What is Physiotherapy and is it appropriate or do I need a Chiropractor or Osteopath?

Fundamentally the lines of disparity between these professions has largely blurred, but one thing remains consistent, Physiotherapists are the most regulated and policed profession of the 3, legally requiring HCPC (Health Care Professional Council) and chartership status as a minimum to practice.

Key values of Physiotherapy, in the eyes of Matrix are to improve quality of life through the multitude of treatment modalities we offer.

All of our staff are trained to have a very wide treatment spectrum which often means that patients only need be referred on for investigations such as MRI’s and surgery.

Have you seen ‘XYZ’ condition?

With the Lead Physio and other clinicians having a combined experience of over a century in the health and fitness industries, there’s not many things we haven’t seen – although we do love a challenge! One of the key aims of the clinic is encompassing the healthcare tripod of mental, physical and medical conditions. At Matrix, we take a holistic and head on approach to maximise patient outcomes.

What are your Clinic Hours?

We are open 5 days a week 8am-8pm, to allow for convenient appointments for clients working around busy schedules. Weekends are precious for our employees and patients so weekend appointments are available by appointment only and charged a 10% inflation, but are more time flexible.

How quickly can I be seen, and do I need to see my Doctor first?

If you have had a traumatic accident which common sense would deem serious (including concussion and cuts), best advice would be to seek medical attention immediately, at either A+E or a minor injuries centre. Our trained team are adept in managing injuries from day dot, allowing for quicker recovery times and support throughout, for same day treatment in most cases.

What should I wear for the first appointment?

Comfort and visibility is key. Bring a pair of shorts if it is a lower back, hip, knee, ankle, or foot problem. Bring a vest top if it is a neck, upper back, shoulder, elbow, or hand problem. This will ensure we don’t have any barriers to initiating treatment.

If you feel that a same sex therapist would best suit you, or would feel more confident having a chaperone, please make our team aware prior to session booking.

What can I expect on our first session together?

All sessions are 30 minutes, so timely arrival is imperative. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment starting, so we can offer further treatment where possible and start punctually. After being buzzed into the clinic, take a seat in the reception area where one of our team will come and collect you.

Understanding your needs as client is very important to us, so as keen as we are to treat, thorough assessment and discussion of condition is imperative to constructing a bespoke treatment strategy. The mixture of open dialog, movement analysis and special tests are all aimed at pinning down that root cause, with the intention to start treatment on your first visit. Every client is special, so for this reason we don’t believe in anyone going home empty handed on first contact.

How many sessions will it take for me to recover?

Understandably for any client who is self-funding there are apprehensions about the cost of private care. Based on your free 15 minute consultation, or initial assessment, our Physios in-depth evaluation will allow us to gauge how many sessions will be appropriate. Recovery time is very multifactorial, but be safe in the knowledge that the team will manage it swiftly and professionally. That being said, the vast majority of our clients (70%+) are recovered above and beyond pre-injury state within 3-6 sessions.

I have Private Medical Cover, can you see me and what’s the procedure for treatment?

We pride ourselves in being preferred suppliers for all major insurance companies such as Bupa, Axa and Aviva built on our reputation from consultants and customers.
It is worth noting that many policies require an annual excess to be paid which may mean that you have to finance part of the cost yourself.

Prior to making an appointment at Matrix Physio we recommend you contact your insurance company to clarify:

• Whether your policy covers you for Physiotherapy and if a medical referral is required.
• If you have a restriction on the number of treatments allowed or time scale for treatments.
• Any insurance shortfall or outstanding payments must be made directly to Matrix.

In order to start treatment you need to provide your Policy number and authorisation prior to any initiation of treatment, otherwise please do not be offended if you are asked to self-pay until we have this documentation.

What are your Payment Policies?

1- All Physio appointments are pre-paid in advance or as part of a block (6 sessions)
2- Late cancellations < 24hrs are at the company’s discretion to charge.

All of the above are to ensure that we can provide our clients the best care.

Operationally to offer emergency appointments with less than 24hrs before a holiday flight or a competition, we need to have more than 24 hours’ notice for any cancellations. This ensures we can get nearly any client under our care team within 24hrs of their first contact.

Do you have a good relationship with other medical professionals?

Our reputation as a business is founded on our solid network of skilled professionals not only within our polyclinic, but also our links with GP’s, Physicians and Surgeons who are some of the best in their field. Should you need any peripheral services and onward referral, we’ll put you in touch with the best.

Do you do Home Visits?

If the setting of our Manchester site is not private enough and you would feel more relaxed being treated in the comfort of your own home, then a home-visit may be more suiting. This has proven to be more appropriate for some of our highflying, busy, sporting and working professionals. One of our care team will bring all the necessary kit and tools required to deliver our 5* service, leaving you only the task of picking time and place.

How Do I Find you … ?

We are located within the basement of the listed building of 64 Bridge Street. Two glass doors next to the Randall & Aubin restaurant signal our entrance. Buzz the bell for Optimised Wellness and make your way through the glass doors, following the corridor to the stairs down to the basement. One of our reception team will be there to greet you.