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A highly skilled team of Physiotherapists and Healthcare Professionals located in the heart of Manchester City centre.Together we pride ourselves in pioneering cutting-edge and collaborative treatments which are professionally tailored to the individual recovery of every client.

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With each day our Physiotherapists are helping more patients become pain-free.
Whether you are a desk worker, elite athlete or slowing down in life- our mission is to bring you back to your best through hands-on Physiotherapy techniques (link to physical services page) and physical rehabilitation to suit your goals and abilities.

Matrix staff are trained in taking the time to help patients who have fallen through the gaps of the healthcare systems like Nhs physio. We can diagnose the un-diagnosed and fix the unfixable. If you feel as though you have been left without physiotherapy treatment or that nothing seems to be getting you back on your feet then come and visit our physiotherapy clinic in Manchester.

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Joshua Clewes
2 weeks ago

Received a lot of good advice and had an overall very satisfactory and professional experience at Matrix Physiotherapy Clinic. My personal physio, Riz, was personable and very good at his job, and passionate about providing a good service ... Read more

Jasmine Bartkiw
2 weeks ago

I’ve had a recurring pain in my knee for over a year and never had it diagnosed - I went to Riz and he was able to identify the problem straight away! He put together an improvement plan ... Read more

2 months ago

First came to Riz with long-standing shoulder pain. Even from the initial free 15 minute consultation, he took care to explain the reasons why I had developed this pain, what the subsequent sessions would involve, reassured me with ... Read more

Victoria Fogg
2 weeks ago

I was told by my doctor that after I had broken my hand and had a metal plate put in it that I’d never be able to move it freely again, after just 2 sessions with Riz I ... Read more

Joanne Mellor
2 weeks ago

Would recommend Riz to anyone! Very professional and knowledgeable. Sorted my shoulder out in just 3 sessions. ... Read more