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All about sports massage

By RizDev26th November 2018

If you have ever trained for a difficult race or event, then you know how much hard work and pain goes into preparation for the big day. While giving your all during every workout is important you also need to pay attention to your recovery. If you do not recover properly, you will not perform your best and risk injuring yourself. One of the most popular ways to recover is to have a sports massage. Let’s learn more about what sports massage is and why you should incorporate this into your training schedule.

What´s Sports Massage?

Sports massages are different from regular massages at spas that are designed to simply relax you. The goal of a sports massage is to manipulate the muscles you use in your sport in order to get the best performance out of your body. Different techniques are used throughout your body to get the best results. While sports massages can be relaxing, they are important for relieving muscle pain and speeding recovery. There are several different types of sports massage therapies.

Here a few of the most popular sports massage techniques:

1- Swedish massage

A Swedish massage uses a variety of methods to help your body relax and relieve tension in muscles. Your massage therapist will use circular pressure, kneading movements, tapping, friction, shaking and long stroke motions throughout the massage. This is a fairly gentle massage and should not be painful.

2- Deep Massage Therapy

Deep massage therapy is also called deep tissue massage. In this type of massage, the goal is to reach the deeper tissues in your muscles and fascia. It is similar to a Swedish massage, but with more pressure. While deep massage therapy should not be painful, it may hurt some if you have very tight knots in your muscles.

3- Trigger Point Massage

If you have specific points in your body that are often painful, then you may benefit from a trigger point massage. In this massage, pressure is applied to these tender points to help loosen up muscles and relieve pain. Your trigger points may not be in the area that is injured because trigger points can refer pain to other body parts. So you may find that relieving a trigger point will help you in other body parts as well.

4- Massage Treatment for Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, then sports massage can be very helpful. Your therapist will use whatever technique they decide is best for your pain, so you may have a Swedish massage or trigger point therapy. Through manipulation of your muscles, your therapist should be able to relieve back spasms and pain.
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Benefits of Sports Massage

Even though this type of massage has the word “sport” in the name, you do not need to be an athlete to benefit from it. If you struggle with limited range of motion, chronic pain or difficulty sleeping, then sports massage may help you find relief.

Sports massage should help increase flexibility and relax nerves. These massages can also be relaxing and will help you feel better emotionally. You will leave feeling renewed and ready to face a new day.

Using sports massage to aid in recovery can go a long way in helping you reach a new PR or achieve a new goal. Make sure you talk to our certified sports massage therapists in Manchester when you decide to book a massage.

All our team of physiotherapists in Manchester are highly qualified, and trained to listen to you and diagnose your issue and apply the most effective techniques to help you heal faster and get back in the game in no time.
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