Corporate Partnerships

Our Corporate wing are able to use the principles and expertise taken from the elite sports world and apply it to the business world – maximising performance through assessment and treatment techniques. The underlying parallel being an organisation’s ability to succeed as a cohesive unit, requires each individual to be physically, mentally and medically well to be a productive team player.

Corporate Schemes

Our successful partnerships in the city are aimed at providing a pool of employees healthcare benefits at no extra cost. Synergy is essential, therefore we have our own criteria we use to assess corporate partnership viability to ensure we can deliver the service we promise. This includes discounted rates on physiotherapy, medical and mental health services and free onsite health-checks and events...

Corporate Partners receive

1) 10% discount of therapy rates

2) Onsite Health events

3) Single elected point of contact

4) Priority appointments

Getting the ball rolling

Initially we’ll organise a meeting with appropriate representatives to understand your business objectives. This gives us a chance to study patterns and data in staff sickness and costing to provide bespoke strategies on how to combat absenteeism and improve organisational cohesion. Our proposals will revolve around these key factors to tailor a corporate programme reflective of the needs of your workforce. This can include analysis of injury trends in physical work forces, to group assessment of work space to aid HR and health and safety governance.

Corporate Occupational Health